Learner eXperience Layers

Active Learning is perceived as a lecture with just some activities embedded within. In our Active Deep Learner Approach, we see learning as a complete journey.

Inspired by Learner Experience Design, which takes into consideration all the touch points with the learner so if we represented the learners emotional curve during the case of passive lecture with some activities, we will find that the trip map is overall passive, superficial, disengaging boring, etc. even if the adventures “activities” are designed and implemented, with good readiness and reviewing; it is still not enough to create the full spirit of the day/trip.

The end goal of any successful learner experience is to achieve a positive transformation in mindset and behaviors.

That’s why at SeGa we look at learning as a full journey that starts before the training event with readiness, and continues after the event for practice, follow up, coaching and/or mentorship.

Sega group Active Deep Learner Experience Approach ensures that the learner get to fully experience, practice and implement learning through the three layers of the Learner eXperience.

So what are the layers of the experience/journey?


Starts From the very first moment when the learner gets introduced to the learning topic up to the last interaction between the learner and the facilitation team on this learning topic; the learning journey includes engaging activities to ensure the most effective follow up and measuring after and before the learning intervention.

The learning journey should always have its own designed experience and objectives for more engagement. The depth and experience of the journey should vary according to the length and learning outcomes.


Learning trip is the actual training day/s intervention where learners get to be in direct contact with the facilitator for a preset time. The learning journey could contain more than one trip depending on the complexity of learning outcomes and length of the journey.

The trip is composed of a certain number of adventures. The connection between these adventures together and their sequencing along the day forms the trip. We see the trip as a full experience by itself as well another layer of experience. The impact and depth of trip comes from experience and reflection on reality.


Adventure represents the learning activities and we see each activity as a full complete unit by itself where learner can live and learn from, especially when we use educational games or long activities.

The learner needs to fully live the activity; therefore it is important to prevent the style of presentations followed by activities, which lack the elements of exploration, suspense, watching and learning.

This is why it is called experiential learning, learners try and explore, then deeply reflect; this is how a concept is learnt, and learners can build on the new ideas.

Even though each of the three levels of the learning experience is distinctly designed and considered an active deep approach by its own, they are in fact all connected. They integrate and work together according to the day flow and time frame to produce a complete a comprehensive Learner eXperience.

So, buckle up The Adventure, warm-up for The Trip and most importantly enjoy The Journey.

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