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Learner eXperience Waves

Evolution of Experience concept It has been evident that, over the past decade, economy has changed from commodity to product to service, and now to experience; with special emphasis on involving emotions and feelings. It is changing the way products and services are offered; and learning is no exception. “Learner experience is the core concept […]

Active Deep Learner Experience

Evolution of Experience concept As we all know, the world is increasingly moving into an experience economy shifting from commodity to product to service, and now to experience. The whole story starts from user experience science; that further evolved into customer experience, until we eventually reached the concept of learner experience. Now, it is the […]

Learner eXperience Layers

Active Learning is perceived as a lecture with just some activities embedded within. In our Active Deep Learner Approach, we see learning as a complete journey. Inspired by Learner Experience Design, which takes into consideration all the touch points with the learner so if we represented the learners emotional curve during the case of passive […]

FIRST Framework

The Professional Development of trainers, facilitators and designers has always been an area of growing interest and constant research. Several studies, models and researchers have thoroughly explored this domain with the efforts to train trainers on how to understand, experience, practice and leave a sustainable impact on learners. However, the existence of a comprehensive framework […]