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Learner eXperience Dimensions What, How & Why

You may have heard that to design successful learner experience, you first need to understand each learner’s needs, program requirements,outlines learning outcomes,etc but what exactly do you need to know? Any design process is a loop between three dimensions: the What (content), The How (methods) and The Why (purpose). The same goes for any successful […]

The Plural I in FIRST

Your first few minutes of your facilitation determine the spirit of your training; whether positive or negative. Maintaining a positive spirit in the training room should be one of the major goals of any facilitator. The second domain of FIRST framework: “I” which stands for Interacting, guarantees a smile on your participants’ faces during and […]

Learner eXperience Meters

Planning and implementing a successful learner experience requires a deep knowledge and skills on how to engage learners, manage the learning environment and the learners’ interactions. There are many ways to grab an individual’s or a group’s attention, including the use of videos, stories, questions, games, among other options. However, skilled facilitators, trainers and designers […]

A Model for Learner Engagement

Learner engagement primarily focuses upon enhancing all learners’ abilities, increasing achievement, positive behaviors, and a sense of belonging in learners. The engagement of learners in the learning experience encourages their active participation and pushes them to take more responsibilities, which enhances the overall learning experience and achieve a Deep and Transformative Learning. The term is […]