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We need to enjoy games absolutely free. This makes it one of the best building games you can find. You need to know how to run a server, and its best if you know how to use a unix command line based operating system. The server host I use comes with a free 60GB SSD option which is more than enough space for a Minecraft server. Instead you should pick the option with the highest GHz. Pick a server with SSDs. Creating a Minecraft server is quite wanton with the aid of a skilled Minecraft army assort. Minecraft reads a lot of information from the hard-drive and it can be one of the biggest bottlenecks. You can have a main Minecraft server and a Minecraft test server, or several servers with different themes (creative/survival/pvp/etc). The cheaper hosts dont have a support team to help you if you have trouble unlike the standard Minecraft hosts. www.extremecraft.net