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therobinsonsmusic Overall this is a pretty good mushroom biome seed and I really like it, its a great place to build an island fortress across multiple islands. What does it take to build Earth on Minecraft? In case you donât know, the Cubic Chunks is a mod that gives players an infinite build depth in both vertical directions — yes, it is as crazy as it sounds. PippenFTS made this virtual-Earth possible by using Cubic Chunks and the Terra 1 to 1 mod. In this video, PippenFTS explains how he brought this insane project to life while climbing Mount Everest in Minecraft. You can actually participate in this huge project by joining this Discord server, and start building your own city in buildings and city blocks. When landing at your server, what will the players see? 2. Create a dedicated folder for your Minecraft server. Several of the minecraft server rental hosts supply you different administrative privileges, to permit you to install plugins and mods needed for you to modify the files, and give you a portal chock-full of add-ons to customize their use. You can get mods if your bored, maps and more.